Our mission at McGraw Law P.C. is to get people in better places with their family than they were when they walked through my door. 

For about the first 6 or 7 years of my career I was called a General Practitioner I did lots of different areas of law, including Family Law. I gravitated toward Family Law, I suppose, because I figure most people are about like me, family is the most important thing to them.

So even though you're dealing with very difficult subject matters, as an attorney when you help people in those difficult situations, it's very rewarding. So in addition to enjoying it that way, I was good at it. So I became a Family Lawyer. These are real people with real problems, real lives, real families, and I help them in very real ways.

I'm in the business of getting people to a better place, with respect to their families, not in the business of destroying families. And that's what we do; we compassionately help real families solve real problems.

Custody Cases

In custody cases the single most important consideration is the best interest of the child. So when I represent somebody in a custody case, I go to whatever length is necessary to make sure the best interest of that child is presented on behalf of my client. That may mean bringing in a dozen or more people who have had a relationship with that child in that child's life to help establish why that child is better off with my client and why to be with my client is in the child's best interest. 


In adoption for example, one of the things that often comes up is difficulty getting the papers served on the other biological parent, which has to be done before the adoption can be finalized. Sometimes this requires being willing to go out of town, sometimes it requires being able to go to another state. Sometimes it requires having to go to jail or a prison. Sometimes it requires publication in a small town newspaper that you've never heard of three states away. We've done that, and were willing to do that for our clients so that the adoption can be final.

Statement of Practice Summary: 

Family Law; Adoption; Divorce or Annulment; Separation, Prenuptial and Separation Agreements; Child Custody and Visitation; Child Support; Spousal Support and Alimony; Domestic Violence; Child Abuse; Enforcement/Modification of Court Orders; Paternity; Guardianships; Mediations; Name Changes; Restraining Orders; State Protection/DSS Cases.

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